If liberty means
anything at all,
it means the right to tell
people what they
do not want to hear.
George Orwell

The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project at Wellesley is devoted to the promotion of freedom of expression, pluralism and tolerance on campus and in the greater world. Wellesley students and faculty participate actively in on-campus discussions and debates with each other and outside speakers, and pursue many opportunities with national and international organizations devoted to the expansion of freedom in a variety of contexts.


upcoming events

Information session about the Adam Smith Fellowship program

6 pm, Academic Council Room / Thursday, September 13 /

Jennifer Doleac, The Unintended Consequences of "Ban the Box" policies

5:30pm, Library Lecture Room / Monday, September 17 /

David Lubin, Behind the Mask: WWI, Plastic Surgery and the Modern Beauty Revolution

5:00 pm / Thursday, October 25 / Library Lecture Room

Emily Yoffe, Title IX and the Disempowerment of Women

6pm / Wednesday, November 14 / Library Lecture Room
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