Speaker Series

The series brings speakers across a wide range of disciplines and views to address provocative and contentious topics. Viewers not only hear perspectives that they might not ordinarily hear at Wellesley, but also encounter and process views that exist in the society at large.

upcoming events

Philosophy, Controversy, and the Importance of Free Speech

7.30 PM, Alumnae Hall Ballroom / Thursday, November 30 /

Wintersession 2018

8:30am - 3:30pm / Monday, January 22 /

When Scientific Pursuits and Social Justice Campaigns Clash, Who Wins and Who Loses?

Tuesday, 7PM, Alumnae Hall Ballroom / Tuesday, February 13 /

Liberal Arts Education: What is it? What’s it for? Is it worth preserving?

Thursday, 6 PM, Science 277 / Thursday, March 8 /

The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

6 PM, Collins Cinema / Thursday, March 15 /
Past Events